Diamond Earrings

Are Diamond Earrings A Girls Best Friend?

Diamond earrings are cherished pieces of jewellery that have become a beautiful part of special moments or events.

These are the most beautiful and versatile jewellery pieces that can give a wearer an aristocratic look.

Therefore, getting a diamond jewellery item as a gift from family, friends or partner is one of the best gifts in someone’s life.

The specialty of this gift depends on a person who gives the gift.

If a boyfriend gives diamond earrings then it means he is giving a promise that she will remain like a diamond (very special) in his entire life and no one can replace her.

A parent gives diamond earrings on their daughter’s wedding day to show their love and affection towards their daughter.

Nowadays, diamond earrings are available in different varieties of sizes and styles and it is very easy to find a perfect pair of earrings to suit your preference at A.K. Campbell.

High-quality earrings generally come with screws on its back for additional security, in place of the less secure pressure back.


The cost of these earrings depends on the carat weight, the stones and the kind of metals used.

Earrings are the necessary part of every woman’s wardrobe, whether you are wearing for a night out, to the office, to a party or a wedding. Diamond Earrings really look amazing and provide a classy, graceful and an elegant look for the wearer.

Cleaning your diamond earrings is easy. You can find commercial cleaning products recommended for diamonds.

You can also send them to ultrasonic jewellery cleaners who can easily clean them for you.

Remember to avoid harsh chemicals like hair grooming products, hair dye, and spray.

It might be a challenge to clean them because of the oil build-up from your hair but using diamond cleaning solutions, you can solve this problem and keep your diamonds glittering.

See some from our collection below, we have styles of earrings to suit any style and budget.

Check our special offers page for up to date savings.

Some Of Our Diamond Earring Collection

Our diamond earrings in store changes frequently so you know you’re getting a unique item.

Below are some of the styles we may have available in store at any given time.

Give Richard or Jackie a call on (01592) 264305 to see what we have in.

Or pop along to the shop (address and map at bottom), and remember our 10% off which you can get info on at the special offers page in the top menu.

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