Silver Earrings

Fashionable Silver Earrings

Silver earrings no doubt are fashionable jewellery and are cherished by every woman.

Of course, men are not left behind as an increasing number of men can be found sporting silver jewellery, including earrings.

There are several reasons why these earrings have been a popular favourite for a long time and some of them will be briefly mentioned.

Sterling silver earrings are durable, strong, have a high aesthetic appearance, do not tarnish easily, are highly available and finally, quite affordable.

These and several other factors attribute to the universal acceptance of earrings made of silver.

When it comes to jewellery, apart from the material from which a particular one is made, the design or style also accounts for its appeal.

The same is true for sterling silver earrings. There are several designs in which these earrings can be found. But one thing is certain, whatever the style, design or make of the silver earring, it would definitely be exquisite.


Silver hoop earrings

This is one of the most popular types of silver earrings. They can be easily seen around as a lot of women use them. They were also popular in ancient times and were used for several purposes particularly by affluent people as a way of stating their wealth.

For those who may not be familiar with them, hoop earrings are simply earrings made in a circular shape like a ring or a basketball hoop.

There are several types of hoop earrings available and include: small hoops, large hoops, gypsy hoops, twisted hoops, looped hoops and several others.

They are also available in a variety of combinations and designs and can have precious stones such as diamonds, rubies, pearls, crystals and others attached to them.

Silver dangle earrings

These types of earrings are also referred to as danglers. Just as the name implies, they are usually long and “dangle”.

They are also very popular amongst women as they create a certain appeal that other designs are unable to.

Some women prefer wearing them because it lends a certain air of adventure, non conformity and daring to their character.

They are also available in several cuts sizes and length.

Silver stud earrings

These are tiny or cute forms of silver earrings and are the types usually favoured by men.

A lot of women also like this type of silver earrings which are also available in several styles.

See some from our collection below, we have styles of earrings to suit any style and budget, including antique and estate silver earrings.

For up to date savings, check our special offers page and hopefully see you soon.

Some Silver Earring Styles Available

Our gold earrings in our Kirkcaldy store change frequently so you know you’re getting a unique item.

Some of the styles we may have available in store at any given time are below.

Give Richard or Jackie a call on (01592) 264305 to see what we have in.

Or pop along to the shop (address and map at bottom), and remember our 10% off which you can get info on at the special offers page in the top menu.

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