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Engagement, Wedding and Bridal Shop at A.K. Campbell, Kirkcaldy.

Whether you are the Groom, the Bride, part of the wedding party or a guest looking for a piece of jewellery to wear or as a gift, A.K. Campbell has you sorted.

We know how much of a big day it is for everybody involved and so we strive to make the jewellery and gift part a breeze!

You can bring your dress, your bridesmaids, best men or each other to our store on Kirkcaldy High Street, near Betty Nicols, where we will make your visit an enjoyable.  Then you can pop to Betty’s for a drink!

Below, you will find our selections of Engagement Rings, Wedding Rings, wedding party jewellery and gifts.

Engagement Rings

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Time to pop the question?

If you’re at all nervous about it, we will help to alleviate some of it by giving you a unique and memorable shopping experience.

We have new engagement rings in Gold, Silver, Diamond and anything else you can think of, to antique and estate jewellery.

And you don’t have to spend a great deal of money to get that perfect piece of diamond jewellery…

Our 10% off also applies to our engagement and wedding rings too.

See our selection here of unique and antique engagement rings and see you, or both of you, soon!

Wedding Rings

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Choosing styles of wedding rings is an important decision since these wedding rings will be an ongoing symbol of your love, it is important to get a style that matches your tastes and lifestyle now and in the future.

At A.K. Campbell, we can help you make the perfect choice.

See our selection of unique wedding rings from new to antique and estate.

Gift Ideas & Bridal Party Jewellery

Going to an engagement party or involved in a wedding?

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When you find something you like, get your discount codes for 10 off most jewellery, except Heritage and Dew, which are 50% off!

So, get your discount codes, and come pick up a bargain!

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