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Gold Necklaces

Gold has always been in demand and is thought to be the metal of the gods. A closer look at gold and it’s history tells us that, as humans, we have always desired it from the very first moment we spotted the reams of gold in caves.

It has always fascinated us; from the moment we spotted the first nugget and started using it as part of our regular attire in the form of rings, gold necklaces etc. Our ancestors valued gold highly on account of its permanent shine, luster and its state of permanence and how it does not corrode or decay.

Today, we have worked this metal into various jewellery items and though some of the modern designs may seem utilitarian, they still pack quite a punch, be it gold rings or gold necklaces.

In fact, Priam’s treasure hoard, discovered by Schliemann represents one of the earliest evidences of gold being designed and used as jewellery.

While Priam’s Hoard can be dated back to 2600 B.C, the interesting part is that some of the designs used in those necklaces are still being used to create new and fashionable items of jewellery.

Most jewellery shops will provide you with necklaces with the rope design, where the links are flattened and linked up to each other to resemble a rope and as you can see, so did Priam’s Jewellers and that’s roughly five thousand years ago.

Today, you can purchase the gold necklace you want, and choose which design you prefer, be it the rope, Singapore, weave, snake or Figaro among others.

You can opt for a pendant type or just a simple gold chain with stones embedded into it.


There are many varieties of designs you can pick and choose from, and some of them have been in constant use for thousands of years.

So whether you are looking to purchase a gold necklace for the local Diwali get together or for a wedding or just because you feel like it – you can pick and choose from hundreds of unique gold necklaces available at A.K. Campbell.

Just make a point to find out what carat gold the chain or ring is made from, whether it is pure gold or a mix and if so, in what ratio.

So the next time you look at a gold necklace or a torque, just remember that our association with this metal of the gods goes back to 40,000 B.C, which makes it timeless and the most precious still.

Have a look at our buyers guides to make sure you get the best quality.

Here at A.K. Campbell, we have necklaces and pendants for all occasions and our selection includes antique and estate jewellery too.

See some from our collection below.

And remember we have 10% off all unbranded jewellery on our offers page.

See you soon!

Some Of Our Collection Of Unique Gold Necklaces

This shows a few of the type and styles of designs we have available in store as they change and we update regularly.

Give us a call (01592) 264305 to see what we have in.

Just ask for Richard or Jackie.

Or even just pop down, we’d love to welcome you here and we are sure that we will have something to delight.

There’s a map and address underneath the jewellery images.)

gold necklace with ruby heart
gold necklace with green flower design
gold necklace with purple stone
A gold necklace pendant style available in our Kirkcaldy jewellers
gold necklace kirkcaldy
estate gold necklace
gold necklace with diamonds
expensive gold necklace
antique gold necklace
cheap gold necklace

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