Model Kits From The Star Wars Franchise.

All Ages Can Enjoy Building A Star Wars Model Kit

At A.K. campbell, Kirkcaldy, we have a selection of Star Wars models to build, including The Force Awakens and Rogue One.

We have put them into easy kits which can be built by the vey young (although they look great so collectors love them too), to the higher level model builder.

Richard also provides a model building service in his home studio which you can ask about by calling him in the Kirkcaldy shop on (01592) 264305.

You can also call here for any questions and availability or just come down and have a look, we are always getting new stuff in.

As always, be aware of small children with the model parts as they can choke.

The models we have in at any time change quite rapidly so this is an overview of some of the types of models we have to build.

See the star wars models blog posts for a few of the models which outline the specs.

Our Selection Of Star Wars Model Kits

Easy Kits

Here are our selection of easy kits.

Not suitable for children under 36 months as there are parts they can choke on (as with the rest of the kits really!)

See the star wars models blog posts here for specs

Darth Maul Sith Infiltrator

X-Wing Fighter

Luke’s Landspeeder

Level 1 Kits

Here are our selection of model kits for children 6 years and over. They look great so anyone can build them really!

Click here to see the blog posts with specs for our models.

X-Wing Fighter

U-Wing Fighter

Millennium Falcon

Jakku Combat Set

Tie Fighter

Imperial Star Destroyer

AT-ACT Walker

Level 2 Kits

These model kits are for ages 8 and over.

Click the link to see the specs for a few of our models.

Y-Wing Fighter

Poe’s X-Wing

Millennium Falcon

Boba Fett Slave I

Imperial Star Destroyer

Imperial Shuttle Tydirium

First Order Tie Fighter

Imperial Forces

Level 3 Kits

These model kits are for ages 10 and over.

See specs for a few of the models here. It will take you to the blog posts for our Star Wars collection.

Tie Inteceptor

Tie Fighter

Star Destroyer

Vader’s Tie Fighter

Boba Fett Slave I



Masterpiece Series Kits

Here are our selection of model kits for the more advanced model builder or for older children.

Click on any of the images for more details about that product.

Millennium Falcon

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