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The Story Of Bracelets And Their Types

The history of bracelets originates from Egypt in around 5000 BC.

Back then they used bones, stones and anything shiny they could find.

Now, in the 21st century, they can signify the lifestyle of the wearer.

You get bracelets in various styles…

Bangles: If it has several bindings it is refer to as a bangle. They can be made from many different materials usually from metal, wood, or plastic. They are traditional ornaments worn mostly by South Asian women in India, Nepal, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Charm: Can have different types of trinkets on them to signify important things in the wearers life.

Friendship: Used to show your care for your friends. These are sometimes handmade, usually of embroidery floss or thread and tie around the wrist in a simple half-hitch knot.

Slap: Introduced in the early 1990’s and is basically a metal strip which is covered around the wrist.


There are other types such as cuffs which are larger and wrap around the wrist tightly.

Metals used for making bracelets are gold, silver, palladium or yellow gold like the one in the picture. Depending upon the money, you can have diamond and anything else you so desire.

Many people have allergies to some of the metals used but manufacturers have found that using an ionisation process helps.

See some from our collection below, we have bracelets to suit any style and pocket.

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Our Bracelets Designs

Gold Bracelets

gold bracelet

Fashion dictates what the most desirable gold bracelet is in each era of history, nowadays, celebrities dictate much of the in-styles.

Gold comes in different colours, depending on the metal it has been alloyed with.

This is why you can buy white, pink or yellow gold bracelets.

A variety of bracelets from chains, twisted rope, links, bangles and cuffs furnish our jewellery shop on Kirkcaldy High Street.

See our selection of gold bracelets


Silver Bracelets

silver bracelet

Silver has been considered a precious metal since its first use in ancient times, and silver bracelets have always been popular for adornment, for both men and women.

Just like gold bracelets, silver ones come in varying styles too such as bangle, cuff, link, chain, and charm bracelets.

Each have their own appeal and also their own types of customers.

If you are buying one for yourself or considering giving a silver bracelet as a gift, review these designs over on our silver bracelets page and hopefully see you soon in our Kirkcaldy shop on the High Street.


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